What we do

We are the world’s first global online B2B marketplace for Muslim / Halal Travel products and services. We connect suppliers of tour packages and activities with travel agents from around the world.

We work with suppliers to help them adopt their products to the growing market of Muslim tourist. We also make sure our distributors are fully equipped to promote these products with confidence to the Muslim travellers. We provide comprehensive search and booking capabilities on a full portfolio of Muslim friendly tour packages, excursions and activities.

We also provide suite of support services for our partners which include live travel trade helpdesk via the live chat service, detailed Halal tourism information including fact sheets and ebrochures.

It means the travel industry now has access to a single platform providing comprehensive packages specifically tailored for Muslim consumers to add to their current service offering.

Our Unique value proposition

All products provided by Muslim Travel Warehouse are rated based on the level of Muslim friendly services included in the packages, by CrescentRating, the world's leading authority on Halal Travel. This allows us to provides a unique offering of packages, excursions and activities by working with destination management companies, tourism boards and ground operators from around the world.

The Muslim Travel Market

According to the latest figures released in the “MasterCard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2016", the halal tourism sector was worth $150 billion in 2015. This figure is predicted to grow to $220 billion by 2020. Family travel contributes 52% of the entire total of the halal tourism sector.


MuslimTravelWarehouse.com was launched in May 2015, by Crescentrating, the pioneers and thought leaders in the Muslim / Halal Travel market.