Why Choose Muslim Travel Warehouse?

Muslim Travel Warehouse – the world’s first global online B2B marketplace for Muslim-friendly travel products and services – provides a wide range of tour packages for Muslims. Our travel platform provides extensive results and information for Muslim-friendly travel agencies and Muslim travelers by taking into consideration the requirements of a Muslim traveler. We aim to connect the Muslim travel market to the general tourism industry.


So Why Should You Choose Muslim Travel Warehouse?

1) A Global Company

Together with CrescentRating, Muslim Travel Warehouse plays a major role in the Halal tourism industry and aims to create a better experience for Muslim travelers by providing Muslim-friendly tour packages and travel excursions. All our products and services are rated by CrescentRating’s own globally recognised rating system in order to provide Muslim travelers with quality Halal-friendly tour packages that suit vital travel requirements.

2) Provides Easier Access to Agents

We give the opportunity to Muslim-friendly travel agencies around the world to provide suitable itineraries for Muslims travelers. We also offer comprehensive search and booking capabilities for a wide portfolio of travel packages for Muslims and help connect providers of travel packages and activities with travel agents.

3) We Handle the Development of Products

Improvement and further development of products are vital – with these facts in mind, we work and assist product suppliers in catering to the Muslim travel market. Our platform also ensures that distributors are capable and well-equipped enough to successfully promote their products to Muslim travelers.

4) Flexible Services on Offer

In addition to creating better connections within the Muslim travel market, our platform provides support services to partners. These include a live travel trade helpdesk through a live chat service, and valuable information on Halal tourism such as facts sheets and e-brochures. As mentioned earlier, all products and services will be rated by CrescentRating – based on how Muslim-friendly the offers are.

5) Enjoy Competitive Prices

We will be working with tourism boards, destination management companies and ground operators worldwide to keep expanding the portfolio of travel packages for Muslims. The constant growth in the Halal travel market increases the need for Halal-friendly tour packages – competitive pricing is great for Muslim travelers, Muslim-friendly travel agencies and tourism service providers.


6) Assurance of Halal-Friendly Experiences

With Muslim Travel Warehouse, consumers are assured that they gain access to quality Halal-friendly tour packages and travel packages for Muslims. In addition to this, Muslim-friendly travel agencies or travel agents will be able to improve the quality of Muslim-friendly services and adapt tourism and travel packages to suit their customer base more efficiently. Halal-friendly tour packages and Islamic tour packages will not only be much more accessible to Muslim travelers, but they will be will able to find more specific packages or excursions that they need.



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